Angerlarsimaffik Uulineq, Autismeinstitution Grønland

Residential institutions for children, adolescents and adults with autism


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Welcome to Angerlarsimaffik Uulineq,

Autismeinstitution Grønland

Short presentations ideo from 2017 made by Melvin and Ilasiaq, as part a film project.

We are a residential institution for children, adolescents and adults with autism.


We resident in three buildings with the children in the old part of town called ”Myggedalen” (mosquito valley). Here the head office is situated as well.


We use the TEACCH concept.


Our target group is children age 6-14, adolescents age 15-18 and adults with autism spectrum disorder.


Visitation to Angerlarsimaffik Uulineq is done by our principal.


The organisation

Uulineq has three departments, Uulineq, Suluppaluk og Qiimaneq. For now, they are housing the child-, adolescent’s- and adult’s departments. This may change to fit different needs of society.


The residents are partly placed in the departments due to age, but development and diagnose is taken into consideration. We have very bright residents with Asperger’s Syndrome, and at the other end, we have retarded residents, without language and with infantile autism.


We are a dynamic institution that adjusts to society’s and the resident’s needs. The residents become older and new children are enrolled.


We work purposeful to ensure the residents reach their full potential. Some are in education and training or work, and will at some point be able to manage at some sort of sheltered home. In the long run, we can release the residents to a more liberal life.


The staff

Each resident has a contact person who has the primary contact for parents, relatives, school and workplaces.

The staff is put together so we can provide the best care for the resident’s well-being and development.


We have trained educators, teachers, occupational therapist, pharmacologist, care assistants, administrative officer, musicians and artists, photographer, fishing/prisoners, sailors, sportsmen, social worker, nature guide, principal, deputy head, and experienced assistants with many skills.